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All Categories > Products > AC Motors > Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) Motors  

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) Motors

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Leeson Cast Iron Three Phase Drip-Proof Motors

Leeson Wattsaver® Premium Efficiency TEFC C Face with Base Motors

Leeson Three Phase TENV/TEFC C Face with Base Washguard All-Stainless SSD Motors

General Purpose TEFC Motors

Premium Efficiency TEFC Motors

Washdown / Stainless TEFC Motors

GE Medium Voltage above NEMA (2300/4000 Volts) Motors

Leeson Three Phase TEFC Rigid Base JM Pump Motors

GE X$D ULTRA® TEFC Extra Severe Duty C-Face Motors

Medium Voltage 2300 / 4000 V TEFC Motors

TEFC Pump Motors

Severe Duty TEFC Motors

GE X$D ULTRA® 841 TEFC Extra Severe Duty Motors

Ready Line™ Cooling Tower Duty Three Phase TEFC Inverter Duty 10:1 (6-60 Hz Variable Torque) Motors

IEEE 841 TEFC Motors

Cooling Tower Duty Motors