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Item # 6KGP43250X8XXXA1, AF-650 GP General Purpose Drives - 460 V, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz Input

List Price $22,900.00

250 HP, 460 V

Specifications  · Environmental Conditions  · Standards  · Input Power Supply  · Output  · Control  · Logic Controller (LC) Sequencer  · Process Controller (PID)  · Operation  · Keypad  · RS485 Modbus RTU Serial Communications  · Mounting Clearance



460 V




50/60 Hz

HP (Heavy Duty Rating)


kW (Heavy Duty Rating)


Rated Output Amps (Heavy Duty Rating)


Overload Amps (1 Min) (Heavy Duty Rating)


HP (Light Duty Rating)


kW (Light Duty Rating)


Rated Output Amps (Light Duty Rating)


Overload Amps (1 Min) (Light Duty Rating)


Standard Unit Includes

IP00 (8) Chassis RFI: A2 Keypad

Factory Installed Keypad


Drive Type


A1/B RFI Filter

No A1/B RFI Filter Installed

Brake Chopper

No Factory Installed Brake Chopper

Conformal Coating

No Conformal Coatings


1st Revision

Options and Accessories

OPC24VPS, 24V DC External Supply Module ($240.00)
OPC4XPED, Pedestal Kit ($875.00)
OPCCOVER4142, Power Shield for Unit Size 41 and 42 Drive ($520.00)
OPCCOVER51, Power Shield for Unit Size 51 Drive ($1,305.00)
OPCDEV, DeviceNet Communications Module ($600.00)
OPCEIP, Ethernet IP Communications Module ($700.00)
OPCENC, Encoder Input Module ($400.00)
OPCGPIO, General Purpose I/O Module ($475.00)
OPCMBTCP, Modbus TCP Communications Module ($700.00)
OPCPDP, Profibus DP Communications Module ($725.00)
OPCPRT, ProfiNet RT Communications Module ($700.00)
OPCRES, Resolver Input Module ($400.00)
OPCRLY, Relay Output Module ($475.00)
OPCRMKNC, Remote Mounting Kit without cable ($85.00)
OPCSAFE, Safe PLC I/O Module ($450.00)
OPCTERM, Screw Terminal Accessory ($25.00)
OPCUSB, USB Kit for All Drives up to Unit Size 5X ($75.00)
OPCUSB6X, USB Kit for All Unit Size 6X drive ($225.00)
RMKYPDAC, Remote Mounting Kit for Graphical LCD Keypad ($95.00)

Environmental Conditions


IP00 Chassis
IP20 Chassis


IP54/NEMA 12

IP55/NEMA 12


Installation Location

Do not install in locations where product could be exposed to dust, corrosive gas, inflammable gas, oil mist, vapor, water drops or direct sunlight. There must be no salt in the atmosphere. Condensation must not be caused by sudden changes in temperature. For use at altitudes of 3280 ft. (1000M) or less without derating.

Storage Temperature

-25 to 65 ºC

Ambient Temperature

-10º to +50 ºC (24 hour average max of 45 ºC)

Ambient Humidity

5 to 95 % RH (non-condensing)


1.0 g

Cooling Method

Fan Cooled all ratings. Fan Control Auto, 50% level, 75% level, 100% level adjustable



CE, UL, cUL, and C-Tick
Suitable for use on a circuit capable of delivering not more than 100,000 rms symmetrical amperes for 230V and 460V.

Input Power Supply

Rated Input AC Voltage

200-240 Vac, 3-phase, 50-60 Hz, ± 10 % V
380-500 Vac, 3-phase, 50-60 Hz, ± 10 % V

525-600 Vac, 3-phase, 50-60 Hz, ± 10 % V

525-690 Vac, 3-phase, 50-60 Hz, ± 10 % V

Max. Voltage Imbalance

3 % of rated supply voltage

True Power Factor

> 0.9 nominal at rated load

Displacement Power Factor

> 0.98

Switching on Input Power Supply

Maximum twice/minute up to 10 HP, Maximum once/minute above 10 HP

Environment According to EN60664-1

Overvoltage category III/pollution degree 2


Rated Output Voltage

0-100 % of supply voltage

Output Frequency

0-1000 Hz; 0-800 Hz for 460 V above 100 HP and 525/600/690 V above 100 HP

Switching on Output


Accel/Decel Times

0.01 to 3600 s

Control Method

Sinusoidal PWM Control (V/Hz, Avd. Vector Control, Sensorless Vector, and Flux Vector with motor feedback)


Starting Torque

160 % starting torque for 1 minute (constant torque).
110 % starting torque for 1 minute (variable torque)

Carrier Frequency (Motor Noise)

1 kHz

Torque Boost

Selectable by up to 5 individual V/Hz settings in V/Hz Mode or by 0 - 300% setting of Torque Boost parameter in Adv. Vector Mode

Acceleration/Deceleration Time

0.01-3600 seconds (4 acceleration and deceleration times are selectable via digital inputs. Acceleration and deceleration patterns can be selected from linear or S-curve)

Data Protection

Password Protection for Quick Menu or Main Menu, 0-9999.

Pattern Operation

Settings via Built-In Logic Controller Sequencer

Jump Frequency Control

4 jump (or skip) frequencies via parameter set to avoid mechanical vibration

Slip Compensation

Maintains motor at constant speed with load fluctuations

Torque Limit Control

Output torque can be controlled within a range of 0.0 to 160 % (0.1 and steps)

8 Preset Speeds

8 programmable preset speeds selectable by 3 digital inputs

Trim Reference Setting

Available for speed reference offset via potentiometer, voltage input, or current input

DC Injection Braking

Starting frequency: 0.0-1000 Hz, 0-800 Hz for 460 V above 100 HP and 525-690 V above 50 HP
Braking time: 0.0-60.0 seconds
Braking level: 0-100 % of rated current

Jogging Operation

Operation via On key or digital input (Fwd or Rev)

Auto-Restart After Power Failure

Restarts the drive without stopping after instantaneous power failure

Energy Savings

Controls output voltage to minimize motor loss during constant speed operation

Start Mode Function

This functionality smoothly catches a spinning motor

Logic Controller (LC) Sequencer

Logic Controller Events

Up to 37 types of Programmable Events


Array of 6 Comparators


Array of 8 Timers, adjustable from 0.0 to 3600 sec

Logic Rules

Array of 6 Boolean Logic Rules

Logic Controller States

Array of 20 Logic Controller Action States

Process Controller (PID)

Process CL Feedback Select

Encoder Option Module
Motor Feedback

No function

Resolver Option Module

Separate Encoder

Process PID Control


Process PID Anti Windup


Process PID Start Speed

0.0 to 200 Hz

Process PID Proportional Gain

0.00 to 10.00

Process PID Integral Time

0.1 to 10000.0 ms

Process PID Differential Time

0.0 to 10 s

Process PID Differential Gain

1.0 to 50.00

Process PID Feed Forward Factor

0 to 500 %

On Reference Bandwidth

0 to 200 %


Operation Method

Keypad operation: Hand, Off, Auto
Digital Input: Programmable for Start/Stop, Forward/Reverse, Jog
Timer operation: Stop after predetermined time frame Built-in RS-485 Modbus RTU USB Port for programming drive with optional PC Software

Frequency Reference Signal

Left or Right Arrow buttons on keypad in Manual Mode
Speed Potentiometer: 0 to +10 Vdc, 10 to 0 Vdc
0-10 Vdc analog input
0/4-20 ma analog input


Up to 3 Input References can be selected from Analog
Input #1 or #2, Frequency Input #1 or #2, Network, or Potentiometer

Input Signals

6 - Digital Inputs, 24 Vdc PNP or NPN
1 - Safe Stop Digital Input suitable for category 3 installations to meet EN-954-1
2 - Pulse Inputs rated to 110kHz or 1 - Pulse Input and 1 - Encoder Input 24 Vdc rated to 4096 PPR
2 - Analog Inputs -10 to +10V scalable or 0/4 to 20 mA scalable
Digital Input Settings:
No Operation
Reset after drive trip or alarm
Drive at stop with no holding current
Quick Stop according to Quick Stop Decel Time 1
Stop on input going low
Maintained Start after signal applied for Minimum of 2ms
Start Reverse
Enable Start Forward only
Enable Start Reverse only
Multi-Step Frequency selection (1 to 8 Steps)
Hold Drive Frequency
Hold Reference
Speed Up; activated by Hold Drive Frequency or Hold Reference
Slow Down; activated by Hold Drive Frequency or Hold Reference
Drive Parameter Setup Select 1-4
Precise Start or Stop; Activated when drive parameter precise start or stop function is selected Catch Up or Slow Down; Activated by signal to add to or subtract from input reference to control speed
Pulse Input selectable from 100 - 110000Hz
Accel / Decel Time select. Set Input to Accel / Decel Times 1 to 4
Digital Potentiometer Input Increase or Decrease
Mechanical Brake Feedback

Output Signals

2 - Digital Outputs 24 Vdc (Digital Outputs are used in place of 2 of the Digital Inputs)
2 - Form C Relays rated to 2A at 240 Vac
1 - Analog Output 0/4 to 20mA
Relay Output Settings:
No Operation
Control Ready
Drive Ready
Drive Ready in Remote
Standby No Drive Warnings
Drive Running
Drive Running No Drive Warnings
Drive Running on Remote
Alarm or Warning
At Torque Limit
Out of Current Range
Below Current
Above Current
Out of Speed Range
Below Speed
Above Speed
Out of Feedback Range
Below Feedback
Above Feedback
Thermal Overload Warning
Bus OK
Torque Limit and Stopped
Brake and no Warning
Brake Ready and No Faults
Rake Chopper Fault
External Interlock
Out of External Reference Range
Below External Reference
Above External Reference
Fieldbus Controlling Drive
No Alarm
Running in Reverse
Local Mode Active
Remote Mode Active
Start Command Active
Hand Mode Active
Auto Mode Active

Protective Functions

Line Phase Loss
DC Over voltage
DC Under voltage
Drive Overload
Motor Over temperature
Motor Thermistor Over temperature
Torque Limit
Ground Fault
Short Circuit
Control Word Timeout
Brake Resistor Short-Circuited
Brake Chopper Short-Circuited
Brake Check
DC Link Voltage High
DC Link Voltage Low
Internal Fan Fault
External Fan Fault
Power Board Over temperature
Missing U Phase
Missing V Phase
Missing W Phase
Internal Fault
Control Voltage Fault
Auto Tune Check - Wrong Motor Parameters
Auto Tune Low Inom - Motor current is too low
Current Limit
Mechanical Brake Low
Drive Initialized to Default Value
Keypad Error
No Motor
Soft Charge Fault
Auto Tuning Fault
Serial Comms Bus Fault
Hardware Mismatch
Speed Limit


Keypad Features

LCD Display with 6 Alpha-numeric lines. Multi-Language Support
Hot Pluggable, Remote Mount Option, and CopyCat Feature, IP65 rating when remote mounted on enclosure
LED's - Green - drive is on, Yellow - indicates a warning, Red - indicates an alarm, Amber - Indicates active Menu keys and H-O-A keys

Keypad Keys

Status - shows status of drive
Quick Menu - Enters Quick Start, Parameter Data Check, or Trending Modes
Main Menu - Used for programming all drive parameters
Alarm Log - Used to display Alarm list
Back - Reverts to previous step or layer in parameter structure
Cancel - Used to cancel last change or command
Info - Displays information about a command, parameter, or function in any display.
Hand/Off/Auto - Used to control drive locally or put drive in remote mode
Reset - Used to reset Warnings or Alarms


2 Level Password Protection

Alternate Motor Parameters

Up to 4 Separate complete parameter set-ups are available

Graphical Trending

Trend Speed, Power, Frequency or any value programmed in status display

RS485 Modbus RTU Serial Communications

Physical Level


Transmission Distance

1640 ft

Node Address


Transmission Speed

2400 bits/s

Transmission Mode

Half Duplex

Transmission Protocol

Modbus RTU

Character Code


Character Length

8 bits

Error Check


Mounting Clearance
All AF-650 GP drives can be mounted Side-by-Side without spacing.
For all drives rated 100HP or below allow 3.4 inches
(100 mm) free space above and below.
For all drives rated 125 HP and above allow 8.9 inches (225 mm) free space above and below.

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