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Item # Q105, GE Quantum™ LMV Medium Voltage TEFC Motors

1000 HP, 1800 RPM, NEMA Frame 7010, 2300/4000 V, TEFC

GE Motors is proud to introduce its new line of medium voltage totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) induction motors called Quantumâ„¢ LMV. This motor was designed by a global engineering team yielding a motor for worldwide applications. Quantum LMV uses an innovative D-Duct heat transfer technology (patent pending). This unique internal structure allows for maximum airflow which leads to more motor output per frame size. The Quantum LMV also has an improved efficiency and power factor all with a more compact design. It is offered in a range from 350 to 2000 HP in NEMA, IEC and up to 6600 volt designs.

Industries: Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Water/Wastewater, Cement, Pulp & Paper, Metals, Mining, Chemical

  • Pumps
  • Blowers
  • Compressors
  • Conveyors


Enclosure Type

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled






2300 V





Price Symbol


C Dimension

121.5 in


10100 lbs

Norm. Stk.



Features & Benefits

  • Frame and rotor redesign increased motor output per frame
    A new D-duct system and rotor vents result in better temperature distribution throughout the motor.
  • Internal and external fan redesign
    New fans and fan covers offer dramatically improved airflow which results in improved heat transfer
  • Low Vibration
    The Quantum LMV was designed to have a large separation between the frame natural frequency and line frequencies, exceeding API standards, which offers solid mounting and a high degree of safety factor during the starting cycle.
  • Inverter Duty
    The Quantum LMV is designed for variable frequency drive (VFD) applications and strictly adhere to NEMA MG1 part 31 and IEEE-522.
  • Large AC Motors Meets API 541 4th Edition and API 547 for Petroleum and Chemical Applications
    Total electrical/mechanical run out levels meet stringent API standards, which translates to high motor uptime and an improved overall reliability. Efficiency and load are tested via IEEE-112 method

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