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GE Sliding Bases for 215-364 Frame Motors

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Image NEMA 143 to 449T Frames
Bases are suitable for the indicated frame size and is suitable for the majority of floor-mounted, belt-connected motors. These bases are not suitable for ceiling or side-wall mounting installations. The 213-215 frame size bases are closed frame construction with two adjusting screws. The 254-364 frame size bases are open frame construction with two adjusting screws.

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Item #

Model No.


Price Symbol

Norm. Stk.

A100 249A9598AA1 213 GO-1R Yes
A101 249A9598AA2 215 GO-1R Yes
A102 249A9598AA3 254 GO-1R Yes
A103 249A9598AA4 256 GO-1R Yes
A104 249A9598AA5 284 GO-1R Yes
A105 249A9598AA6 286 GO-1R Yes
A106 249A9598AA7 324 GO-1R Yes
A107 249A9598AA8 326 GO-1R Yes
A108 249A9598AA9 364 GO-1R Yes
  Results 1 - 9 of 9 1