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GE X$D ULTRA® 841 TEFC Extra Severe Duty C-Face Motors

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The X$D Ultra® 841 meets or exceeds the IEEE 841-2001 Standard. With an advanced insulation and bearing system, a test report of each motor to ensure performance, 5 year warranty and all the advanced features that come with it, the X$D Ultra® 841 is the most durable and reliable motor you can buy.

The X$D Ultra® 841 family of products range from 1-250 HP and is built to the highest standards to maximize your return on investment. X$D Ultra® 841 is a complete cast iron motor exceeding NEMA Premium® Efficiency standards. The Six Star Bearing System™ ensures long bearing life and is complemented by an overall vibration of 0.04 ips (inches per second), which is half of IEEE-841 standards. The X$D Ultra® 841 also, incorporates GEGARD2000™ insulation system which has the ability to withstand repeated 0.1 microsecond rise time/2000 volt spikes for 460 and 575 line voltages. All motors are inverter compatible and have the speed range capabilities stamped on the nameplate.

Industries Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Water/Wastewater, Cement, Pulp and Paper, Metals, Mining, Chemical

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C Dimension

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M8921 15 1200 460 V 19.6 284TC 28.58 in
M8971 40 3600 460 V 46.3 324TSC 29.04 in
M8973 50 3600 460 V 56.9 326TSC 30.48 in
M8972 40 1800 460 V 49.8 324TC 30.54 in
M8974 50 1800 460 V 62.3 326TC 32.04 in
  Results 26 - 30 of 30 1 2