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DV-300™ DC Drives

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DV-300™ DC Drives

DV-300™ DC Drives

The DV-300 is a 3-phase, six-pulse converter which is available in either non-regenerative or fully regenerative design. The DV-300 drive controller allows for precise regulation of motor speed, current, and field (field weakening and field economy are standard). This performance and chassis packaging allows the DV-300 to be applied easily in a wide array of industries including textiles, paper converting, plastics converting, corrugating, wire drawing, rubber and plastics, metal processing, machine tools, material handling, and more.

To allow for easy start-up, the DV-300 offers two choices: an optional keypad programmer or the standard GE toolbox. The Windows®-based GE toolbox enables the user to set parameters and program ...

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