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DV-300 Options and Accessories

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6KCV300DGF Digital General Function Card A3405 $1,230.00
6KCV300DCN DeviceNet Option Card (DGF Card Required) A3404 $240.00
6KCV300DVN SBI DeviceNet Option Card (without DGF) A3410 $745.00
6KCV300PDP Profibus-DP Bus Communication Option Card A3409 $745.00
6KCV300INS Interbus-S Bus Communication Option Card A3408 $805.00
6KCV300CTI RS 485/232 Converter A3429 $170.00
6KDV300DES Digital Encoder to Sinusoidal Converter (DIN rail mount) A3402 $220.00
6KCV300TBO I/O Expansion Option Card (Discrete and Analog) A3401 $230.00
6KCV300KPU AV/DV-300 Keypad Programmer A3406 $290.00
6KCV300KPM External Keypad Mounting Kit A3407 $75.00
6KCV300WPD Win+Drive A3420 $5,000.00
HE300GEN200 Genius Communication Option Card A3418 $1,450.00
  Results 1 - 12 of 12 1