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All Categories > Products > AC Motors > Severe Duty Motors > GE X$D ULTRA® 841 TEFC Extra Severe Duty Motors > Item # M364  
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Item # M364, GE X$D ULTRA® 841 TEFC Extra Severe Duty Motors

1 HP, 1200 RPM, NEMA Frame 145T, 575 V, TEFC
    The X$D Ultra® 841 meets or exceeds the IEEE 841-2001 Standard. With an advanced insulation and bearing system, a test report of each motor to ensure performance, 5 year warranty and all the advanced features that come with it, the X$D Ultra® 841 is the most durable and reliable motor you can buy.

    The X$D Ultra® 841 family of products range from 1-250 HP and is built to the highest standards to maximize your return on investment. X$D Ultra® 841 is a complete cast iron motor exceeding NEMA Premium® Efficiency standards. The Six Star Bearing System™ ensures long bearing life and is complemented by an overall vibration of 0.04 ips (inches per second), which is half of IEEE-841 standards. The X$D Ultra® 841 also, incorporates GEGARD2000™ insulation system which has the ability to withstand repeated 0.1 microsecond rise time/2000 volt spikes for 460 and 575 line voltages. All motors are inverter compatible and have the speed range capabilities stamped on the nameplate.

    Industries Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Water/Wastewater, Cement, Pulp and Paper, Metals, Mining, Chemical

    • Pumps
    • Fans
    • Blowers
    • Compressors

 Specifications   Standard Features   

Enclosure Type

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled






575 V



Nom. Eff.


Guar. Min. Eff.




Price Symbol


C Dimension

13.40 in


50 lbs

Norm. Stk.



Features & Benefits

  • Meets or exceeds IEEE-841-2001 Standard
  • Division II
  • GEGARD2000™ Insulation System
    Integral to motor life and reliability is a robust insulation system. The GEGARD2000™ system utilized in Ultra™ gives a wide thermal margin between the insulation components and designed operation temperatures. All components except motorleads have been selected using Class H materials, while the motor temperature is kept below Class B temperature rise.
  • Six Star Bearing System™
    Another key component in motor operation and longevity is the bearing system. The GE Six Star Bearing System™ has been designed to significantly reduce the potential for bearing failure. Vibration has been reduced to an industry leading .04 IPS (inches per second), reducing a leading cause of bearing failure. Regreasing consideration has been made easy with extended greasing provisions, which allows motor users improved ability to regrease these motors when they are installed in the application.
  • Meets or Exceeds New NEMA Premium Standards
    Energy consumption by electric motors can be a significant portion of a large Industrial Manufacturer’s operating budget. As a result NEMA has created a new NEMA Premium Standard for Efficiency, giving users some guidelines to use for selecting motors for Efficiency and best payback for power consumption. The Ultra™ line of motors meets or in several cases exceeds this standard.
  • Best in Class Drive Compatibility
    Electric motors are being used in increasing percentages on variable frequency drives. As a result, we have added several elements to our motor design to allow customers to apply the Ultra™ motor in their applications with greater flexibility. The insulation system has been designed to exceed the NEMA standard MG1-31 regarding Inverter Duty Motor Insulation. Further, the Ultra™ motor has a special designed shaft on the opposite drive end (ODE) to allow for field installation of a tachometer to provide process feedback to the drive.
  • Product of ecomagination
    For a product to have the ecomagination mark it must meet two criteria
    1. Measurably improve the customers environmental performance and
    2. Significantly and measurably improve the customers operating performance.
    The X$D Ultra® motor achieves both. It meets or exceeds NEMA Nominal Premium Efficiency Standards and exceeds the minimum guarantee. Therefore improved energy consumption and usage are dramatically realized. The X$D Ultra’s low temperature rise and low vibration is perfect for harsh environments in a variety of industries (Oil & Pump; Gas, Energy, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, etc.). It is the ultimate ultra motor for any application where the operating conditions are less than perfect and uptime is a very high priority.
  • Safety is an Important Feature
    The entire X$D Ultra product range incorporates a 4 point cast in lifting lug system. These lugs are an integral part of the frame of the X$D Ultra motor allowing for safer lifting during installation and maintenance. This is a convenient and safe feature when mounting the motor in vertical or horizontal positions.


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·  Dimensional Drawing

·  Conduit Box Dimensions


Typical Performance Data
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Dimensional Data
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Technical Information
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