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All Categories > Products > AC Motors > Washdown/Stainless Motors > Leeson Three Phase TENV/TEFC C Face with Base Washguard All-stainless SST Motors > Item # 191203  
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Item # 191203, Leeson Three Phase TENV/TEFC C Face with Base Washguard All-stainless SST Motors

1/2 HP, 3450 RPM, NEMA Frame 56C, 208/230/460 V, TENV/TEFC
  • Washguard SST
  • All-stainless
  • Three-phase
  • C Face with Base

    Stainless Steel Tough for demanding washdown applications
  • All exterior components of 300 series stainless steel, including motor frame, endshield and conduit box castings
  • Moisture resistant sealant between frame and endbells
  • Full-fact nameplate is laser-etched on the motor frame
  • Built to withstand the demanding washdown environments found in the food processing, chemical processing and beverage industries
  • No paint or coatings of any type used on the exterior of the motor
  • Four locations for T-drains provided on each endshield
  • IRIS™ insulation system
  • Meets IP55 enclosure protection
  • Three phase motors are suitable use on VFDs
  • 10:1 ratio for constant or variable torque at 1.0 SF

    Mechanical Protection Features:
    All exterior components - frame, base, endshields, fan guard, shaft, hardware, conduit box and cover - are made from 300 series stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance. Nameplate data is permanently laser-etched into the motor frame - no Mylar nameplate that can wash off or riveted metal nameplate to trap dirt. No paint or any type of coating is used on the exterior of the motor. Sealant is applied to endshield and frame fits before assembly to prevent water entry. Shaft seals on both ends of TEFC motors - shaft end only on TENV. Double-sealed bearings have high performance Exxon Polyrex EM grease. Conduit box is fully gasketed half-split design with flanged cover and body gasket with lead separator. Anticorrosion coating on rotor prevents corrosion. Four quadrant drain locations on each endbell allow drainage of condensation in any mounting position. Stainless steel T-drains are provided to prevent liquids from splashing into the drain locations. Motors are shipped with a T-drain assembled in the six o'clock position on the opposite endshield. Another T-drain is shipped loose in the conduit box for installation at the lowest point of the shaft-end endshield. For a totally sealed motor, a spare pipe plug is included to replace the pre-installed T-drain. Mechanical performance is further enhanced by over-sized bearings, heavy 12 gauge base, shaft-end bearing is locked internally to limit axial endplay, and specially designed shaft extension resists breakage at bearing journal.

    Electrical Performance and Protection Features:
    FHP Washguard SST full load efficiencies meet EPACT standards for non-exempt motors when tested without shaft seals. For extra moisture resistance, windings are immersed and cured in polyester insulating varnish. LEESON’s exclusive IRIS™ Inverter-Rated Insulation System provides extra protection and long life, especially in inverter driven applications. 20:1 Constant Torque Operation

    Standards and Approvals:
    UL component recognized, file number E57948, guide number PRGY2. Energy efficiency ratings are verified by an independent testing laboratory. CSA Energy Efficiency Verification Program, report number EEV 78720-1.

    Construction is CSA Certified for safety report number LR33543. Motor is CE marked for European acceptance.

  • Specifications  · Features



    C Face with Base

    Enclosure Type

    Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated





    RPM 60 Hz



    208 V

    FL Amps 230 V


    % FL Eff.


    NEMA Frame


    Disc. Sym.


    C Dimension

    9.78 in

    Approx. Weight

    32 lbs

    Mechanical Features

    These motors have an entirely paint free exterior with 300 series stainless steel motor body, conduit box lid, shaft extension, hardware, fasteners and an etched motor data plate. To enhance chemical and corrosion resistance, all surfaces of the end bells and conduit box are processed using a U.S. Department of Agriculture approved technique. This proprietary process has been tested and qualified for more than 2,500 hours of salt spray endurance for external surfaces, and 1,000 hours for internal surfaces. This process has proven successful in food wash down applications and has shown excellent corrosion resistance.

    Shaft seals, slingers and one-way stainless steel drains retard entrance of contaminants and water into the motor. Multiple, repositional drains provided for all angle mounting, release any water that does enter the motor from hose downs or condensation. Chemically resistant, tough nitrile gaskets and a threaded entrance for power connection also restrict entrance to the motor’s interior. Nylon gaskets are used to seal bolt heads.

    Bearings used are double sealed and prelubricated with moisture resistant Exxon POLYREX® EM high temperature lubricant.

    Electrical Features

    Efficiencies meet EPACT mandates for covered motors when tested without shaft seals. High temperature, moisture resistant IRIS insulation system assures long life on inverter service. Windings are immersed and cured in polyester insulating compound.


    • These motors are totally enclosed, non-ventilated.

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    Construction Details
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    Technical Information
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