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Line/Load Reactors (Up to 600 V)

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Motor Protection
Reactors help to protect motors from the high peak voltages and fast rise times (dv/dt) which can be experienced in IGBT inverter applications when the distance between the inverter and motor is long.

Harmonic Reduction
Because all standard GE Line/Load reactors are compensated for harmonics (current and frequency), they are extremely effective at reducing the amount of harmonics which are produced by a drive/inverter. Use 5% impedance, harmonic compensated reactors for best reaction of harmonic distortion.

Voltage Spike Protection
A 3% impedance reactor is very effective at protecting against damage to or nuisance tripping of AC voltage source inverters, due to voltage spikes.

Voltage spikes on the AC power lines cause elevation of the DC Bus voltage which may cause the inverter to "trip-off" and indicate an over-voltage protection condition. Use reactors to absorb these line spikes and offer protection to the rectifiers and DC Bus capacitors while minimizing nuisance tripping of the inverter.

Outline Dimensions Exact terminal configuration may be different than shown. For exact terminal configuration contact factory for outline drawing.

Agency Approvals
    -GE line reactors are UL recognized.
    -All UL approvals are for USA and Canada.
    -UL-506 File #E191687 (1 amp-1200 amps)
    -UL-508 File #E191686 (1 amp-1200 amps)
    -All higher currents offer UL recognized insulation systems and construction.
    -CE Marked
NEMA 1 Cabinets
All GE Line/Load Reactors are available as either open type or in a NEMA Type 1 general purpose enclosure. To order a reactor mounted in a cabinet simply change the second to last digit of the product number from ""0"" to ""1"". Example 37G 00802 becomes 37G 00812.

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Item #

NEMA 1 Enclosure Style






List Price

37GCAB8 CAB-8 Wall Mount 8 in 8 in 6 in 7 lbs $146.00
37GCAB13V CAB-13V Floor 13.22 in 13 in 13.09 in 31 lbs $240.00
37GCAB17V CAB-17V Floor 17 in 24 in 18.38 in 45 lbs $650.00
37GCAB26C CAB-26C Floor 17.54 in 31 in 20.90 in 180 lbs $1,564.00
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1