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GE Thermostatically Controlled Space Heater Kits - X$D ULTRA® Family

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Image GE has developed and patented a thermostatically controlled space heater. These heaters operate with a maximum surface temperature of 140ºC and are provided with a hermetically sealed thermostat so they do not spark in an end of life event. In most cases when a motor is shut down, the space heaters are immediately turned on. As the motor may take many hours to cool down, the heaters being automatically turned on can result in a cumulative heat that may result in temperatures that approach the 80% Auto-Ignition Temperature (A.I.T.) limit. A thermostatically controlled heater will not allow the heater to energize until the motor has sufficiently cooled down (below 140ºC thermostat reset temperature) thereby not allowing the temperatures to exceed the stated AIT.

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Price Symbol

Norm. Stk.

A284 110 to 120 V 182-184 G4-7KITS Yes
A285 220 to 240 V 182-184 G4-7KITS Yes
A286 440 to 480 V 182-184 G4-7KITS Yes
A287 110 to 120 V 213-286 G4-7KITS Yes
A288 220 to 240 V 213-286 G4-7KITS Yes
A289 440 to 480 V 213-286 G4-7KITS Yes
A290 110 to 120 V 324-405 G4-7KITS Yes
A291 220 to 240 V 324-405 G4-7KITS Yes
A292 440 to 480 V 324-405 G4-7KITS Yes
A293 110 to 120 V 444-449 G4-7KITS Yes
A294 220 to 240 V 444-449 G4-7KITS Yes
A295 440 to 480 V 444-449 G4-7KITS Yes
A296 110 to 120 V 509-5013 G4-7KITS Yes
A297 220 to 240 V 509-5013 G4-7KITS Yes
A298 440 to 480 V 509-5013 G4-7KITS Yes
  Results 1 - 15 of 15 1