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All Categories > Products > Motor Accessories > GE Motor Accessories > GE D Flange Kits - X$D ULTRA® Family > View Items  

GE D Flange Kits - X$D ULTRA® Family

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Image X$D ULTRA, ULTRA 841, ULTRA 661
X$D Ultra and X$D Ultra 841 D-Flange kits will not have endshield machined for Inpro/Seal®

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Item #

Model No.


Price Symbol

Norm. Stk.

A991 249A4321ARG01 324T-326T G4-7KITS No
A992 249A4321ARG02 324TS-326TS G4-7KITS No
A993 249A4321ARG03 364T-365T G4-7KITS No
A994 249A4321ARG04 364TS-365TS G4-7KITS No
A995 249A4321ARG05 404T-405T G4-7KITS No
A996 249A4321ARG06 404TS-405TS G4-7KITS No
A997 249A4321ARG07 444T-449T G4-7KITS No
A998 249A4321ARG08 444TS-449TS G4-7KITS No
  Results 1 - 8 of 8 1